We titled this section intentionally "usage", and not "use", to emphasise the flexibility of our package. In fact "usage" means 'that which has become customary' or 'that which has been established by long-standing use'. We started the VODCA project 10 years ago with the goal to create a software package specifically developed for the administration, organisation and analysis of multicentre clinical trials in radiotherapy. More and more we observed the use and "misuse" of our tools to solve small, but sometimes important, technical impediments in the patient data management of radiotherapy departments. Based on this experience and on our customer feedback we decided to refocus our goals.

VODCA has been created to
  • Promote in radiotherapy clinical decision-support and knowledge management technologies in patient care and clinical research,
  • Disseminate methods and tools for building healthcare knowledge applications that comply with the highest quality, safety and ethical standards, and
  • Connect individuals, hospitals, research groups and organisations who believe in the value of knowledge management, and are supporting the share and reuse of clinical knowledge and data.



The flexibility of the package is reflected in a wide spectrum of users including single centres interested in "simply" converting RT patient data, to national and international organizations interested in specific solutions. We would like to acknowledge our close collaboration with


  • EORTC (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer),
  • UK NCRI RT Trials QA Group,
  • Japanese RT QA Group, and
  • the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.

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