As a direct response to the specific needs when developing a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) in radiotherapy and to the factors leading to successful implementation of a CDSS, the features of the VODCA package are the following:

  • Optimal clinical integration into multi-vendor RT departments
    • DICOM Server
    • HL7 Server
    • Import RT data in proprietary format, or from proprietary databases
  • Right balance between simplicity and flexibility
    • Modular architecture
    • GUI solutions already present in the RT field
    • "1 Click & Go" button to run scripts
    • Batch and automated processes
  • Fast
    • Some-minutes-range from data import to report creation


  • Integration into hospital IT environment
    • Equipment: Utilise existing
    • Software: Windows OS
    • Data storage: All OS
    • Easy to install by the user: Setup package
  • Users
    • Doctors, physicists, technicians, statisticians, and researchers
    • One-person system
    • Simple maintenance
    • Minimise database administration time



  • DICOM Server
  • PACS
  • RT Data converter
  • Longitudinal Patient databases:
    • Comparative planning statistics
    • Planning quality control
  • Longitudinal Outcome databases:
    • Biological modelling
  • Research:
    • API (Application Programming Interface)


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